Public outcry through various social media outlets over GMO Foods and the corporations profiting from them show that the game has changed in a hurry.

When looking at Google Insights, it is obvious that the past two years the spotlight has been put on Monsanto and all the usual suspects.

For the term “GMO Foods”

2012 has been the most heavily the term has been searched on Google, by a wide margin. This is not to say these numbers are gospel, they are Google. But for more accuracy, extensive work to ‘scale’ and ‘normalize’ would need to be done, best left for those with interests in such endeavors. Regardless it is a convenient way to gauge various trends.

Year and Search Volume:

2012 —-> 72

2011 —-> 67

2010 —-> 34

2009 —-> 56

2008 —-> 62

2007 —-> 48

2006 —-> 47

2005 —-> 41

2004 —-> 64

Interesting is the spikes during presidential elections, even though it’s rare to hear a politician speak about it. President Obama spoke up in 2008 but failed to live up to promises. In fact, he has gone in the worst direction possible.

Over on Google Trends the increase in awareness is even more evident. As the image shows, a steady upward trend starts in 2010 and has clearly spike in 2012 for the search term “GMO” in the United States. The search results and media coverage have both gone up.

Since it is election season, it will be interesting to see if this issue is addressed at all. It almost for sure will be, if for no other reason than to appease the masses who are not pleased by the policies on the left and right. In fact, when you examine the amount of food at your local grocery story, it’s likely over 70% are GMO. No need to fear of course, as Kellog’s cereal says “they’re Grrreeat”!

As drought hits the midwest region the drought resistant seeds of Monsanto are in a convenient position to sweep in and further dominate. Those guys at the top know how to predict weather and patent mother nature accordingly.

The growing resistance needs to get louder and act accordingly when shopping. Even though it is next to impossible to shop in some places and avoid GMO, labeling is beginning to occur and with a bit of research or homesteading, it can be largely avoid even for city folk.

The dangers associated with GMO crops give rise to other issues related to fertility rates, weather modification strategies, cancer, alzheimers, diabetes and more. Monsanto tells us there is nothing to worry about and that Bill Gates builds computers to last, so they are probably telling the truth.

Sarcasm aside, this issue is critical in opening the minds of many to the attacks directed towards our natural resource and humanity at large by those who are meant to serve our best interests.

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