As reported earlier, an Oregon man was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail for collecting rainwater on his property. This has been met with great backlash and “TheHealthRanger” recently posted a video on youtube breaking down the issue how he sees it. One of his points includes the fact that people living in the city tend to be drawn towards collectivism while those feeding the country gravitate towards less rules.

At the same time, a video was published by “durianriders” that discusses city life, specifically New York City and all the distractions that go with it. The parallels in truth and go back to the human need to be human. By this, reconnect with the natural world around them and move forward on the journey of personal discovery.

It’s not like distractions are only for city folk.  TV, computers, cell phones and all manage to distract us from ourselves. Even so, in a city like New York everything is amplified and it is about as controlled of an environment as you’ll find. All the city is good for are pigeons, rats and cockroaches when it comes to mother nature.

What does everyone think? It is important to step away from work and the plugged in world throughout the day and experience some time to just be.

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