Reports of unruly protesters at the Republican National Convention appear unfounded when walking the streets outside of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The fenced area allocated by the City of Tampa for protesters was empty. The protesters found on the street did not resemble the militant anarchists mainstream media outlets would have the American people fear. They were average people speaking out in support of their own beliefs and concerns.

Valerie from the American Federation of Federal Employees was participant in a Labor Walk on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. She worries about maintaining a “Living Wage” in the United States and looks more like someone’s mom then Anonymous. Valerie explained about The Workers Bill of Rights she and other members of the march, organized by the West Central Florida Federation of Labor, signed in front of the convention venue.

John, a retired science teacher, described a skit he performed in, where a man in a Mitt Romney mask took money bags from schools to give to a man wearing a 1%er sign. In a quiet and dignified manner, he expressed his apprehension for public education should Romney be elected. There was no malice in his message, only concern.

Grant Robinson, a student from the University of Idaho, greets people with a friendly smile and a wave. He carries his message on his back, literally, a black T-shirt with Deport Barack Hussein Obama in white lettering. He tells a tale of being failed by a professor at the university for voicing his political beliefs. He is passionate in his defense of the Second Amendment and the organization he represents is called The Young Obama Haters, but his manner was neither aggressive nor hateful. Grant’s father and grandfather were members of the United States Marine Corp. He calls upon the principles they instilled in him to fight his war of words to protect the civil liberties important to him.

There were protesters at Republican National Convention. The 99%ers were on hand to remind the politicians the Occupy Movement was alive and well. Ron Paul supporters expressed their outrage at the RNC’s treatment of their candidate. Code Pink tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on Condoleezza Rice for being a war criminal. But in the end, at a massive rally turned march through the streets of Tampa, on Thursday, August 30, 2012, the final night of the convention, there were no arrests made nor violence reported. In fact, a protester who goes by the name Vermin Supreme gave accolades to Tampa Police Department Chief Jane Castor, thanking her for her patience. Castor responded by stating she was “proud of the protesters too”.

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