Stefan Molyneux and Alan Watt break down why the Ron Paul candidacy was a pipe dream destined for a let down. It’s not that Ron Paul is a bad person necessarily or that his message was completely sidetracked by his actions. But the argument could easily be made that Jesse Benton, Rand Paul and some of the others involved in the campaign were milking freedom fighters for all that they are worth before swimming upstream towards Republican acceptance.

Jesse Benton was eager to throw some of the Ron Paul followers under the bus, as Reason details nicely:

 Some think they are done with the GOP. Many in the Paul grassroots are still disgusted with the official campaign’s refusal to fight to the death to ensure a Paul nomination. They’re especially angry with Paul’s political director Jesse Benton, who has made his disdain for some of them pretty clear as well. Benton advised Peter Schiff to not show up to the grassroots “P.A.U.L. festival” in Tampa pre-RNC and worked to completely separate the candidate from that event. Many Paul-friendly politicos are probably just as happy to see the likes of Adam Kokesh of Veterans Against the War separate from the Paul movement, and have little respect for agorist living and economic education or street activism as elements of political change anyway.

At the end of the day maybe it’s best all party’s involved admit Ron Paul was good for business and move on. Benton’s quote about Kokesh, who is a veteran and poster child of the Veterans who support Ron Paul shows a lack of understanding if nothing else.

We respect Adam’s service but he’s a very troubled young man. We just hope he can get his life together.

That’s an underhanded way of calling somebody crazy.  True or not, an undignified statement from someone who married into his role and is learning to leverage the power of government to achieve fame and fortune. He also injects the term “we” and I wonder if he now speaks of himself in the royal sense or if he is talking about Ron and Rand. At any rate, the message from Ron Paul was solid, with some exceptions. Maybe in the future we can get interested in freedom without this ridiculous political theater.

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