The United States has long been one of the biggest consumers of milk on the planet thanks to the power of the USDA and its infectious marketing campaigns such as the “Got Milk?” series among others.

But more and more consumers are beginning to substitute healthier alternatives such as almond milk and coconut milk while forgoing the heavily processed, drugged-up, factory-farmed and hormone-pumped old standby at grocery stores.

Milk sales have dropped to their lowest levels in nearly 30 years according to a report from MSNBC, and for people in the natural health and GMO-free movements, it’s easy to see why.

The current type of mass-produced milk found on store shelves comes from cows that have been locked in pens and force-fed completely unnatural diets of genetically modified corn instead of their natural diet of grass.

They’ve of course been pumped full of hormones to the point where in some cases their udders swell to levels that make it virtually impossible to stand and cause incredible levels of pain. When journalists attempt to expose the truth behind the link between such growth hormones and cancer, they’re told to either change the story or face termination.

On top of these issues, the milk you buy in the store has been pasteurized “for your safety,” yet pasteurization kills off beneficial bacteria and may cause other health problems for drinkers that are much more cumulative in nature and damaging to nutrition in general.

So, how will these big milk companies respond to plummeting demand? By deploying anti-raw milk storm troopers of course, through legislation they helped to craft perpetuated by myths. Raw milk is currently dispensed by vending machines in several European countries yet is banned or heavily regulated in much of the United States.

The companies also lobby for protections from truth-tellers such as the recent laws against factory farm whisteblowers.

And when all else fails, they’ll either make up blatantly false buzzwords such as “all-natural” to describe GMO-pumped meat and dairy or worse, buy up organic companies and water down the standards.

For these and many more reasons, it is important to of course support your local farmers and also do your homework on the organic companies you buy from.

Also, most almonds are irradiated in America due to outlandish industry-created laws, and most commercialized nut milks are also pasteurized, so avoid them if possible. Making your own is always your best bet, from fresh coconuts and almonds, imported if need be.

Finally, don’t forget to support companies such as Eden Foods and Nature’s Path that support worthy causes such as GMO labeling (Proposition 37 in November) in California and to always stay vigilant.

After all, it was a lack of vigilance that allowed Monsanto to sneak GMOs, hormones and more onto the market in the first place, which has necessitated, and ignited, the current movement for health and GMO freedom in America. The plummeting milk sales are just a natural byproduct of the movement that America has needed for many years.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to alternative medicine, organic food and the GMO-free movement.