This message is to the Ron Paul supporters. This message is to the Barack Obama faithful. This message is to the Mitt Romney ‘lesser of two evils’ crowd who stand atop a heap of contradictions, noses plugged. It’s time we walk away from politics and all things related to government as fast as possible.

The notion that change can happen through politics is absurd. The idea that Ron Paul’s legacy is in enabling other freedom fighting politicians to change the system locally, nationally and from within is wrong. The ‘pass’ given by liberals to the repeated trouncing of individual liberties and sanctioned enemies from afar is blinding. The silence of Romney at the convention towards anything that had to do with international conflict was in an odd way deafening. The acceptance that there is no difference who is in office, whether it be Ron Paul or Porky Pig is the truth.

We do not need politics to inspire ourselves and others towards freedom, just as we do not need religion to open our souls to the spiritual electric waves we glide on.

Our government mocks us when we disobey in the form of publicly displayed mugshots. They steal from us our entire lives and when we are close to hells fire or heavens gate or none of the above and accept a handout they mock us. When we were kids they made us stay after school or sit in a corner with a dunce cap. And when we watch the cartoon network they splice the millions of images with messages of consumerism and fear.

When we go to be entertained they prelude it all with an anthem, hand over heart and when the occasion calls a salute by fighter jets to remind us all we are all powerless and in danger without their blanket of protection.

No, I will not support ANY politician no matter how effective they can leverage the liberty message. And no, I don’t want their signs planted on every other street corner, begging  us to let them be our rulers.

We do not need you, politician, to spread the message of liberty. We have entrepreneurs, idealists and a surprising many waking up to the reality that we don’t need you anymore. We don’t need you to rule over us and we don’t need you to tell us about small government. We are motivated and we’ve known the message of liberty from our youth when it was just a common sense pipe dream until now, where we can taste the inevitability of Anarchy extended beyond our personal lives.

We are talking to our friends about it and we don’t need someone buying air time telling us all to ‘be free and vote for me’. No, we are past that. We are better than that. We have moved on.

We have scorched old friendships and found new. Stronger and more binding than we ever once thought imaginable. We’ve annoyed our husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and live for that moment when the light FINALLY comes on for someone. This is not a sales pitch. We are not looking for a 5% conversion rate. WE DON’T CARE. WE JUST WANT TO BE FREE.

Stop begging for our nickels and dimes. If the next politician is obviously corrupt it is for the better. This will give our words weight to those who would otherwise be content to ‘finally’ get a political windbag in office they think they can relate to.

Politics, Government: We are done with you. We’ll drive on your roads if we must, pay our taxes and some of us even send our kids to public schools. The realities are what they are and we’ll make our situations work, while knowing the only hypocrisy lies with the crown of shit you sit on.

We know who you are. You tell us you read Ayn Rand and you tell us you were inspired. Then you become a lifetime politician. So tell me, what kind of fool do you think I am?

Truth is, I’ve been an incredible fool. Falling into the same traps as everyone else, time and again. Over and over, the same vicious cycle leaving me to feel powerless, hopeless and afraid that the boogeyman will piss my money away. Worried that the tyrants will further poison my water they oh-so-graciously allow me to drink. Afraid that Fukishima or the drought in Oklahoma will affect what I eat, how I eat and if I can survive from far away. It is you sir that leaves me feeling vulnerable and without responsibility. Like a roll of a dice, we all just sit back and hope you don’t screw it up, whoever you are that at this moment who sits in the same seat as all the tricksters, thieves and murderers before you.

It is you that makes me feel ashamed. Not for what I do and not for how I treat others but for the endless power grab of resources from afar so I can be entertained. Have you had enough? Is this fun for you?

I am done with politics. I am done with government. All the freedom fighters need to wake up, turn it off and tell others about the conspiracy to keep us all involved. Because no matter how bad the radio has become, there is still going to be a major record label pumping out catchy tunes. No matter how much we give, there will always be the majority reducing good deeds to the value of commerce. And no matter what you tell me, I know that politicians will never amount to any good or any change. It is in me and it is in you. Let’s lead a revolution in our hearts and ignore those who persist in leveraging The State to get their way.

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