The good thing about independent media badgering famous people is that they will give you a window into what the undercurrent of fake mainstream world is thinking. After all, famous people are just people like you and me. Corporatism silences much of the ‘in-crowd’ but that tide is turning fast, at least when they are not in the TV wedged in-between silly commercials.

WEARECHANGE.ORG does the badgering better than anyone else, engaging our famous pop culture stars for our entertainment. They cover a range of topics, including NDAA, GMO food, 9/11 and more. It is the 9/11 truther movement though that they seem to cling to the tightest.

Here is Bob Saget of all people answering questions about what happened on the day the twin towers came down. He skirts the issue but is open to truth coming out. There are people in this world who may still get angry at such a question but Saget’s response, as watered down as it may have been, is probably reflective of the majority of Americans these days.

Then there is the infamous Keith Olbermann, who drops some pearls of wisdom on how to spread 9/11 truth to the masses. People were confused on what he said so here is my best attempt to transcript:

It’s important to examine, not so much the specifics, the minute details, what buildings collapsed and why. I would focus entirely and push as much as possible why the whole thing happened, why it was permitted to be happening, whether or not there was anything besides those people we know who were involved with it internationally. Push that point and suddenly people stop thinking about (sigh) who could possibly create something like that and instead focus on the important details which is who had a reason to do so.

Keith Olbermann is a wild animal stuck in a zoo. The man may one day run free but let’s not get our hopes up. Reality is, if he became outspoken about 9/11 he would be a living legend in the hearts and minds of many. Talking about who benefits internationally, you know the guy has opinions on the matter. Instead, he’s working for companies like ESPN, MSNBC and the Al Gore CurrentTV network.

At some point the guy must realize he can’t hang with those hacks and he needs to step away from the dark side. Again, let’s not get our hopes up. In the comments MarkDice addresses the Olbermann problem:

Don’t get your hopes up people. In Olbermann’s mind, only right wingers would commit a false flag. Democrats would never do such a thing.

Now that we are over 10 years removed from 9/11, the collective is arriving to the conclusion that shenanigans were at play that go far deeper than the information we are privy to. What will people be saying in another 10 years? What will Olbermann, Bob Saget and the many people with a mainstream mouthpiece sound like then?

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