Organic vs. conventional foods and farming practices as a debate is ongoing and there is a range of emotions. The thing to question is whether these are emotions based on a reality coming from choice, force or deception? The choice is clear (Conventional). The results are different (GMO).

The same principle applies to grass vs. cornfed beef, steroid bloated chickens to natural and so on. In every case, organic trumps the other stuff every time. Yet, the majority of the population eats the unnatural in what is essentially a roll-of-the-dice scenario given the fact most have never read a scientific report on the matter.

So now that it is established natural is the preferred food, it is up to GMO to prove their approach to farming and food is safe the best they can for those who enjoy researching the scientific manipulation of their food. If you have seen the fierce debates on various channels, you see a blackhole that sucks in various links to studies, proving I’m too hungry to read all of this stuff. It’s not worth it to debate and angry scientists about anything and instead focus on yourself so their manipulation of the rules is no long relevant.

And it is the tactics of the GMO companies that are most bothersome. They’ve leveraged the government every step of the way, starting with patents involving seeds, animals and seemingly everything we like to eat. GMO occupies roughly 70% of our supermarkets shelves.

The good part is we can empower ourselves to eat organic all of the time. Networking with local farmers and fresh markets is one approach. The best is to grow your own garden or help others get this going. If enough people start doing this who care about eating awesome food, the market will shift  to compete with the homesteading marketplace, which will not be  a traditional marketplace if a great enough percentage of people participate. That is the answer, not leveraging The State to get your way.

The thought of having GMO labeling required would be a victory given the current labeling practices, which is mostly non-existent. The responsibility if you’re serious about being all-natural is on you to de-centralize. It may be inconvenient to get going but you’ll be better overall in mind, body and spirit. No I don’t have a study to back me up.

There were several articles out recently baiting anti-gmo bloggers. Like Jeremy said at, there was chum everywhere. The best way to deal with a pro-gmo penny pinchers is to grow some food and give it to them. The best way to deal with the university folk or scientists with an agenda is to ignore them and their food.

The problem started when the media grabbed ahold of it, knowing this could be spun into a controversial topic, and a frenzy ensued. Headlines read “Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce” from the New York Times and “Organic food no healthier than non-organic: study” from Reuters. Really Reuters? Is that the most accurate way to depict the findings?

Following the media reaction as always is the social media over-reaction. First came a million “I told you so tweets” from the curious anti-organic camp.

Dozens of foolish straw man arguments have been popping up on the internet recently to purport this as the silver bullet that killed the organic movement. Their approach is to poorly refute an argument that we never made, and then call us all hippies.

He then goes on to conclude:

Many of us find it hard to believe or even a bit arrogant the claim that science has an exhaustive understanding of the effects all of the chemicals in our lives. Each generation looks at the last in disbelief. How could they not have known better? What will the next generation think about this?

The conclusion here is that there is no conclusion. I really don’t believe these scientists did anything wrong and were only furthering our understanding of important issues. So don’t kill the scientists, we might need them. By there own admission there is still much to study. And the debate will go on.

There is a bothersome inconvenience  in trying to study the science, which can be avoided by going all-natural. All of these scientific journals can be debated by the people shopping at Wal-Mart stuffing their faces with Kellog’s Cereal.

As Jeremy states, there is no conclusion. If you want change it is up to you to make it happen. If GMO is not the way to go then take action nobody will do it for you.

Real change is a change in the way of life. Waiting for one monopoly to fix another monopoly is the lazy approach. What steps are you taking to take action? We know they can’t be trusted so it will be reported on but we must do so knowing words without action are meaningless.

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