Jesse Ventura has announced he is running for President of The United States in 2016 as an individual–no party of any kind. Ventura is rabid in his frustration with the 2-party system. His latest book, “Democrips and Rebloodlicans” focuses on modern day politics in America and specifically the red and blue teams.

Ventura has been in the Navy, then a professional wrestler, Hollywood actor, Governor of Minnesota and now a TV host and author. ┬áJesse Ventura is generally viewed by the majority in mainstream news as radical or just plain crazy. Fox News won’t even let him back on the network after a dispute about 9/11.

Ventura has popped up in the news several times recently for odd reasons. He’s been pulled over, sued, took the TSA to trial and been accused of things without resolution. His television show is called Conspiracy Theory and there seems to be a conspiracy against him. Through it all, he endures, always in the spotlight.

Jesse Ventura wants to have people organically start a grassroots movement to get him on the ballot in all 50 states, plus get him into the debates. In order to get into the debates, a 3rd party (or no party) candidate needs 15% of the vote. Is this too tall of an order?


Check out the Jesse Ventura For President 2016 Video. Is this enough to get the grassroots movement going?


The general consensus of the Ventura crowd seems to be “things will get much worse with Obama or Romney” and by that logic maybe 2016 is the year for real (gulp) change.

That is the problem, right? Ventura is motivating people to start a grass roots movement to put him in a position to get elected. Now everyone must ask if this is really worth pursuing? Many of those in the Ron Paul crowd are going to be tentative to throw their weight behind a limited government candidate, as unconventional as he might be. Two years or so and maybe by 2014 people will be ready to be swept off their feet again.

Ventura is the new hero. The artists will depict him in the superman cape. What it all means: this. And lots of youtube medleys of Jesse Ventura giving inspirational speeches, with fancy words popping up as he talks.

The video shows and interview with Alex Jones, where it literally sounds like Jones is recruiting Ventura to run for President. This is the alternative media alliance, similar to what Ron Paul was doing and appealing to the Paul crowd.

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