We funded them and apparently we bought them, whether we like it or not. In a move hailed as ‘greening up’ the government, the Pentagon has started buying Chevy Volt cars, which means taxpayers are now buying Chevy Volt cars.

Many of the gory details are discussed here:

The Department of Defense began purchasing the struggling luxury electric car, which retails at $40,000, this summer as part of its goal to purchase 1,500 such green vehicles. The Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, Calif. purchased its first two Volts in July, and 18 more vehicles will come shortly to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where Air Force One is based, according to military magazine Stars and Stripes.

They go on:

GM is now offering the vehicle for as low as $169 per month, a financing deal that is generally reserved for $15,000 cars—a price so low that GM is reportedly losing nearly $50,000 per vehicle. The struggling automaker will again suspend production later this month after only 2,500 Volts drove off the lots last month.

GM has spent $1.2 billion developing the electric car and is still working out kinks, such as the Volt’s tendency to electrocute firefighters and first responders to accidents. The Department of Defense has been involved in that process, helping to test the Volt’s battery safety and capabilities.

Following the Democratic National Convention, where President Obama was hailed as a savior for the City of Detroit, moves like this scream of desperation.  Taxpayers paid to make these cars and now are paying to buy them back and the image of a snake eating it’s own tale is inescapable.

Other fuel-economy cars, such as the Toyota Prius Hybrid is off to strong sales in 2012. Toyota, is more than the first six months of Chevrolet Volt sales, at 2,745 units, and Nissan Leaf sales, which managed 3,875 cars in its first 6 months.

What will this mean of the future of the Chevy volt? Who knows but government owned Detroit will find a way to fudge the numbers if they can.

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