The Occupy Wall Street protesters are back at it again in New York City, according to various media reports, as they commemorate the one-year anniversary of a movement that captured the attention of the country and represented the biggest U.S. protests in many years.

A live stream of the Occupy Wall Street situation is available on the WeAreChange live stream, which is hosted by the website.

According to a post on the Facebook page of the popular TV show “Conspiracy Theory” featuring former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, a raid was expected to happen by police. The post was made just after 9 p.m. ET and sent traffic to the live stream, which was also posted by the Facebook page.

The Facebook post read, “NYPD setting up emergency flood lights at Zuccotti Park, possible raid will happen soon.”

Ventura For President

Over 180 arrested at Occupy Wall Street protests on Sept. 17

As reported by the mainstream media and other sites in various levels of detail, Occupy Wall Street protesters returned and were met with arrests, as more than 180 people were taken in by police according to an report.

Dozens of others including religious leaders were also arrested for sitting down on the sidewalk earlier in the day according to the report. A quote from one of the protesters actually got the story right, which is surprising considering all of the selective quoting that has been done by the mainstream media during the movement.

The quote, from a handbag and jewelry designer, illustrated the protester’s disdain with two candidates who “kneel down to the corporations and banks and turn against the people,” something that enlightened U.S. residents who don’t identify with either political party will identify with.

Live stream of Occupy Wall Street

Meanwhile, the live stream of Occupy Wall Street showed large flood lights being brought out as viewers of the stream commented on the immense size and scope of the equipment used to rein in the protesters at Zuccotti Park.

Others on the Ventura Facebook page noted that no TV coverage was being provided, although such developments are obviously not new to those who have followed the Occupy Wall Street movement and its offshoots in America and even overseas in various countries.

Police were also reported to be cracking down on people taking photographs of the protests, information relayed by several mostly alternative media sources.

According to some reports on Twitter, Julia Reinhart, a member of the National Press Photographer Association, had her ID badge on while taking a photo but was arrested because she “didn’t have a press pass.”

The Occupy Wall Street protests can be viewed on the live stream by WeAreChange, however, by visiting the link above. It’s not known just how far they’ll go this time, but the police response so far to the Zuccotti Park protesters certainly suggests it could be another serious round of protests in New York City.

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