It’s unfortunate when parents have their children taken away by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), but sometimes it may be necessary – when parents are junkies or when they have no regard for the safety and well-being of their kids.  Erica and Jeffery Henderson were not these types of parents though.  They are a Jewish family, that recognizes the Sabbath and has strangely enough, done nothing wrong.

Yet, when a claim of abuse rattled DCFS, the family barricaded themselves behind the walls of their home.  The police ended up using a battering ram to knock the door down.  Their six children were taken away.  The allegations of abuse were dropped, but the DCFS refused to give back their children even after they completed all required classes and jumped through all the hoops.  The DCFS said, that they “appear to have not gotten anything out of the experience.”  So, despite the fact that there was no abuse, they said that because of their unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement they were not fit parents.  Sounds outrageous.

But, when baby number 7 came along, the parents were all too happy.  Even though the baby was not around for the previous case, even though he was not even conceived then, social workers demanded he be added to the children’s plan.  The Henderson’s were not given a choice.  They demanded to see the baby, and the parents reluctantly agreed.  They found nothing wrong, and left.

Two weeks later, without a warrant, DCFS came back again with two LAPD officers.  They demanded the one month baby, who was being nursed by his mother.  The mother asked why, her children began crying, and again, the baby was demanded.  One of her children began singing a prayer in Hebrew.  The mother gave her one month old baby to the officers, and they left.  A week later, her visitation with her children was cut in half, and Judge Marguerite Downing ordered the baby’s removal permanently, and placed him as ‘adoptable’.

The family has filed several claims against the police department and city.  They also have a website set up, where you can donate money and follow what is going on in their life.  There is also, sadly, a time counter going on, telling how long the baby has been taken away from his mother.  You can find this site here.

Even if the parents are belligerent, do the police and courts have the right to take their family from them because they are different from the norms of society?  Check out their website, talk about what’s going on with them: as one day it might be an issue far closer to home.

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