Last year sported the first annual, “Chalk the Police” event.  All over the country, people protested the policing agencies’ unfair use of force and general dislocation from the laws that should apply to everyone.  But, chalk at your own risk, because a large number of people have been arrested on vandalism charges for chalking things that the majority finds insulting or offensive.

Consider this, in 2008, a couple of teenagers who were drawing anti-abortion chalk propaganda outside of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  Not only were they arrested, they were also tackled.  Christopher Mackinnley was arrested for writing the following phrase, in chalk, in California – “A police state is more expensive than a welfare state—we guarantee it!”  The charges were dropped, and he filed false arrest charges, which was allowed by the courts.

Timothy Osmar, in a case against Orlando Florida, won a freedom of speech case and was awarded $6,000 in damages (this ended up costing the city around $190,000 for litigation and awards).  The moral of the story is, Americans citizens have the right to protest, no matter how offensive their messages may be to powerful police authorities or government officials.  The right to freedom of speech is paramount to the First Amendment, and the basis of our country founded on the Constitution.  There’s more of a history of the arrests resulting from chalking, here.

 If you are unaware of how some police agencies are overstepping their bounds, you might research the Henderson Kids (7 children that were torn from their parents in a scheme of horrendous proportion), or how about the Cop who was arrested by another cop, and then was forced to be set free.  That’s a great story you can find here.

If your interested in taking a stand for your liberties, and justice for all, then you should mark your calendars and go buy yourself some chalk!  October 1, 2012 – Chalk the Police!

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