When Jesse Ventura announced he would run for president if he could be in the debates and not have to raise money to accomplish that feat, it was several steps short of announcing a decision. This is not to blame him, after all he’s talking about 2016 not 2012, so it’s a couple years away. The next leading liberty candidate won’t be decided for another couple of years but make no mistake, Jesse Ventura is putting in ground work. Couple that with defections from the Ron Paul campaign openly criticizing the fallout and the podium is set for Ventura.

Don’t believe me? 

Just in the past few days he has been on infowars, CNN, Russia Today (3 times) and Current TV, The View and more.

His message is clear. For one, he’s selling a book and there is nothing wrong with that. Two, he wants to get a chance to participate in the 2016 debates. He is interviewing for the job, right now. The kids on the internet (us) will either bite or turn the channel.

Some Highlights of his appearances:

He is also clearly playing to the Ron Paul group, who right now may be searching for truth within. The campaign ended badly, withTom Woods recently outing Jesse Benton and John Tate, calling them “incompetent and/or sinister people.”

Benton was recently shown to have called Ron Paul followers “rabble” when texting Peter Schiff. Tom Woods was asked if this was a good idea:

Yeah if you want to insult your own people, which Benton is an absolute expert at, then by all means do that.

Later talking about Benton’s secret plan:

His secret plan is to milk the Ron Paul world for all it’s worth and then move onto his next thing in 2016. That’s the secret plan and I don’t think he’s been particularly secret about it.

Tom Woods then discusses Rand Paul running for president in 2016:

If Rand Paul is going to run for President in 2016, I think the best way to broadcast to the world that he is not serious is by hiring these bozos for his campaign. That should be the first thing that he should do if he wants to let the world know he is not serious.

About International Policy:

They want to water it down to no undeclared wars.

Here is woods full editorial about Jesse Benton.

Back to Jesse Ventura

There is a real opening here. Back when Ron Paul was at the height of his in the midst of the primaries, Ventura was pleading that Ron Paul run as an independent and consider him to be Vice President. At the time it sounded crazy. Now, a nice political maneuver to tidy him up with the Ron Paul folk. The fact Ventura constantly steals lines from guys like Ralph Nader (2 Party Dictatorship), endorses Gary Johnson and appeals to a variety of fringe groups like none other  makes it clear he could disrupt  the left-right paradigm. Compare that to Benton and even Rand Paul who is supporting Romney and it’s clear a charismatic independent candidate is needed and his name is Jesse Ventura.

Ventura represents the next level of the truth movement. What truth? Especially the truth about the two party systems, politics, government and that touchy subject known as 9/11. His declaration to go fully independent, separate from all parties would have a strong emotional pull for the masses who before always stuck with their party affiliation.

This is not to speculate if he could win because that’s not the point. Jesse Ventura has taken a commanding lead in the 2016 election amongst Independent voters and his followers have 4 years to break into mainstream minds.


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