Ever wonder why things are such a mess in this country? Ever think to look beyond the guys running for office? With the upcoming election there is much debate of which candidate is going to demolish our country and push society to even more of an economic crisis. You cannot log into Facebook without seeing posts from either side, slinging nonsense in every different direction. What people do not realize is that both the Democratic and Republican party are really not that much different when examined closely. You can follow this link and see a somewhat cynical, but realistic snapshot of the structure of our elections and parties.

What is putting this country in shambles is Corporatism, not to be mistaken with capitalism. The almighty Mega-Corp is putting quite the hurtin’ on the free market as well. If we do not take ethical steps to govern our Frankenstein of a world, we are swimming in the creek of feces as a nation. Imagine a world in thirty years that is similar in appearance to the set of the movies “Hunger Games” and “Idoicracy”. Although these heralded flicks may have been based on fantasy, they also carry a well thought out and grim message as to what is in store. Anyone care to know a little more? Corporatism is a twentieth century phenomenon. What is an American illusion is that we are governed by a bipartisan two party system. We are all punked into thinking that we have a choice. We are governed by America, Inc. Who said slaves have to be whipped and abused in the textbook sense? Heck, they can be sheltered, fed and clothed…as long as they remain compliant, silent and obey, obey, OBEY! Much like the Romans in a sense, who degraded into a despotic empire, we are on the fast track to fascism and a dictatorship.

So, liberals and conservatives alike, tell me this: how fair is it that corporations are running the show? How fair is it that you have a competition issue in the free market due to the McMega? Is it OK that a CEO makes over 500 times the amount the American worker does? Is it alright with you that we have the most unequal distribution of wealth in the industrialized world? Are you good with the fact that your manufacturing jobs, servicing jobs, etc are being outsourced to nations that endorse slavery of all sorts?

Let us break it down for a minute: FIAT taxation. What makes you think this is all not done at the nations expense of prosperity, and sovereignty?

And for whom? You? Me?


Under these circumstances we are PUSHED off of the cliff of socialism. Why? Because it is becoming our only alternative to survival. How many Worldcoms, Enrons and BANKS can we permit corporate welfare to…and survive?

Our issue is not capitalism or humanitarianism…but corporate endeavor…that is having a hot and steamy affair with Congress. What are your suggestions to turn this “Titanic” around?

Public funding of the election process is a start. Get rid of those pesky lobbyist mofos and start voicing for the actual people. No more Wally world, Frankenstein, Monsanto marinated cash. We can do better for society if society SPEAKS!
We are, once again, the most industrialized nation that harbors the most unequal distribution of wealth.

We would thrive on a much larger and healthier scale if this greed culture is eliminated. It is an absolute debacle…
We, the Americans want the freedom to enterprise on our something special, we need to start this endeavor by taking a stand against this unruly and gluttonous trait.

I mean, really…who wants to be able to go to Walmart, shop for GMO poisons, get your oil changed, eyes examined, buy drugs from BIG FAT PHARMA, and eventually also be able to retain a lawyer because it is what you can afford? Perhaps in the future I can retain said attorney at the same kiosk that is used to hire slaves. I can sit there and get my consultation and listen to my laywer shuffle though a translation manual.

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