In order to gain some goodwill from the community following the backlash against big banks that has resulted from bailouts and the foreclosure crisis, many banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase have begun giving out grants to community organizations.

One such program is the Chase Community Giving competition, which has over 3.8 million likes on Facebook and has given away money to several organizations in the past.

One organization that won’t likely be given a grant, however, is the Gerson Institute, which is described on its website as “a non-profit organization located in San Diego, California, dedicated to providing education and training in the Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.”

The organization that it had secured a $10,000 grant in the Chase Community Giving competition on Wednesday, September 19, with a total of 1,726 votes that would have given it the nod, but their fortunes quickly shifted.

A phone call from Chase six hours before the end of the contest informed the Gerson Institute, located in San Diego, that they had been deemed ineligible, a sudden twist that greatly surprised representatives.

Cancer awareness bias on the part of Chase Bank?

No answer was reportedly given for the decision by Chase Bank in disqualifying the Gerson Institute from the contest, but this is certainly a noteworthy event as we head toward October, a time for “breast cancer awareness” and cancer awareness in general.

There are many within the holistic healthy community who feel that they are not being supported properly or even given the opportunity to explain their side of the story, and this could well be another example of that paradigm taking control.

The Gerson Therapy is described on its website as a  ”safe, natural system for activating the body’s ability to heal itself” from various maladies, utilizing a diet of vegetarian food including raw juices in harmony with natural supplements, detox treatments such as coffee enemas, and more.

While I haven’t personally met anyone who has used the Gerson Therapy to reverse their own health problems, I know several people that I have met in the natural health community through health food stores, raw cafes and more who have overcome cancer without the use of chemotherapy. The Gerson Therapy offers more potential answers to the cancer awareness problem at a time when rates continue to skyrocket and true healing seems near-impossible to find in our current system, especially when financial challenges are taken into account.

The movie ‘The Beautiful Truth’ shows in more detail some of the stories associated with the institute, which is dedicated to spreading cancer treatment option awareness and helping people heal their bodies in general in a natural way.

Gerson Institute responds to Chase Bank decision

The Gerson Institute issued a press release following the decision to explain their side of the story, and Chase Bank reportedly still hasn’t given them a reason for the disqualification.

The mood of the release seemed to be upbeat as the institute thanked its fans for voting for them in the contest.

They had come in 111th place out of thousands of charities across the nation, and would have earned the grant almost certainly, even without another vote.

It was something that the Gerson Institute thought could potentially happen due to the biases against the alternative cancer healing movement and the biases against alternative cancer awareness, but the way it happened was perhaps the most shocking to them.

Regardless of the frustrating decision, officials seemed happy that the institute was able to gain exposure while it gained better placement on the leaderboards of the Chase contest.

“The experience, if nothing else, has taught us to trust our gut instincts,” the release continued.

They’re also encouraging supporters to visit the Chase Facebook page to voice their displeasure over the unceremonious decision to disqualify them.

The institute also said they pored through the rules and said it did not find any they possibly could have violated, but also said that at least three charities were disqualified in the past.

Nicholas Tomasi is an AP-Award winning sports journalist and author turned health researcher. He currently runs AltHealthWORKS, a website dedicated to alternative medicine, organic food and the GMO-free movement.