In recent years acne treatments have ranged from strong and harsh benzoyl peroxide to many other topical creams and acne treatment kids endorsed by many celebrities. These skincare products and creams have flooded the market all claiming to do the same thing, cure acne. For the person with acne this flood of new choices has made it more difficult to treat this condition to get clear skin, but thanks to new research and science you won’t don’t have to worry much longer.

The treatments of the past were all focused on the problem, the skin condition of acne. This form of a skin reaction has never had many alternatives and solutions beyond a cream or an antiobiotic. In fact, there have been many antiobiotics that have flooded the market claiming to cure acne only to leave patients feeling weak, sick and helpless. These antibiotics may have worked temporarily but when it is at the expense of your overall health is it really worth it?

As the research and science progresses we are finding new information to treat acne that hasn’t been discovered before. One of the new findings is that GMO foods can directly cause acne and allergic reactions which can cause all sorts of skin blemishes. GM (genetically modified foods) are basically foods that have been altered genetically by a company so that they can patent that crop. Corn, Soy, canola and wheat are common GM crops in america. By avoiding GM foods you are helping your body eat natural food from nature that can help you clear up your skin.

Allergic reactions to GM foods have been common and a breakout of acne can be an allergic reaction go a GMO food. Many doctors and dermatologists have said for years that diet does not effect acne but this alone proves that diet can effect your skin and your acne.

Now, the leading edge dermatologists and doctors treating acne are recommending dietary changes such as eating more vegetables and fruits, and recommending supplements and cleansing regimens for their patients as opposed to antibiotics or creams.

The medical and scientific communities are realizing more and more by the day that just because acne is a skin condition does not mean that like your weight, it can and is affected by diet. Diet is the building blocks of our bodies, the foundation for new organs, new bones, new hair, nails, and of course… Skin.

Solid advice is to watch your diet make sure that the skincare products used are natural and to read ingredient lists. You never know what is causing your acne until you become aware enough to realize there is a cause.

David is a health reporter, researcher and writer. You can learn more about his work and get the secret acne cleanse report free.

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