As we approach the November 6 Election Day in California and across the country, millions of eyes have turned west toward the Golden State, as people wonder whether or not the GMO food labeling law, known as Proposition 37, will manage to overcome large contributions by the massive chemical corporation Monsanto to win.

So far the polls remain strong in favor of labeling among United States residents, according to various sources. And according to California Right to Know campaign spokesperson Stacy Malkan, there is a strong majority in favor of GMO (genetically modified organisms, aka GMO food, which is mostly made of corn, soy, canola, sugar beets and cottonseed in America and has been linked to cancer, organ damage and other health problems) labeling in her state.

Despite that and recent articles proclaiming that the Prop 37 initiative should win, Malkan and her campaign realize that much is at stake, and that the fight is far from over, as she said in a comprehensive interview with the website

This week, the heaviest parts of a multi-million dollar ad campaign were expected to hit California in the form of TV ads, which the “No” crowd hopes will swing public opinion much like a $50 million+ campaign against a tobacco tax did this past June. That’s why Malkan and other activists in favor of GMO labeling aren’t counting their chickens until after the final vote, and perhaps even longer.

GMO Labeling Could Get Tricky: Monsanto Lawsuit? 

Despite the solid odds of the Prop. 37 measure passing and requiring labeling of GMOs in California, which could set a precedent across the country, some are concerned that a winning vote might not be the end of it.

Malkan for instance said in the interview with AltHealthWORKS that she is aware of the possibility that Monsanto and the other deep-pockets “food” and chemical corporations could utilize every ounce of their influence and ubiquitous nature, as well as their cash, to go after the measure in court.

What they need most:

Money…We need money (laughing). Every little bit counts and that’s very important. Also, join us on our website; join us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve got a huge following and our own media machine online and that’s really important, to connect with that and share with your friends.

She said that there is a possibility that Monsanto and co. could try to get the GMO labeling measure overturned in federal court, but still sounded optimistic and secure that the labeling proposition would hold up in court, especially because of all of the awareness and support that is being raised in favor of labeling the foods in the United States these days.

Other topics touched on in the interview include the current polling situation in California, the lies told by the opposition on whether or not costs of food would increase, and what the campaign most needs to continue to be effective.

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