The Daily Caller has released a video of President Obama praising Reverend Wright, Jesus, government jobs and the black team in general. Yeah, he likes to ignore the other half of himself.

The worst of it all is the accent. Where did this accent come from? Trying to be fair, we all have probably noticed our voices and demeanor shift a bit depending on who we are speaking to but this is overboard. Add to that the fact that he is telling black people that they have been shafted it’s easy to see he’s creating a climate of entitlement.

YOU have been screwed over by the government so you deserve handouts. I will be the one who will be able to provide them to you. I’m the savior. All hail Obama?

People need to realize that this is what politicians do. They leverage emotions in order to obtain votes, they swap accents to appeal to the superficial and they promise morsels of freedom where it should already exist.

Like the video discusses below at the end, why not tell people in cities to network with the community around them and figure something out?  Such as, move out of the city and sustain yourself, unplug from this ridiculous system and empower yourselves to lead by example. No politician dares speak this way and disrupt this absurd system of commerce. No politician, hence, wants real change. Obama’s message instead is to take a handout because the white government has  been out for it’s own. Essentially, leverage this racist system to your advantage instead of changing from within.

He should be telling his followers to imagine themselves being dropped into a city in another country and they did not know they language. Treat life as an adventure where survival depends on your own effort and ability to build meaningful relationships and avoid government help as much as possible.

Dear liberals and conservatives alike, please spread the message that the pitiful plea for more government is eroding freedoms of hard working individuals who are tired of dancing around root problems.

As Obama proves, it does not matter if it is a white man or black man in office, politicians have no shame.

As far as politics goes, this is a solid move on the conservative front. They are able to work in Reverend Wright while making Obama look like the racist. Kudos to Tucker Carlson who provided the framework and is stepping things up from an entrepreneurial perspective.  If the Republicans are looking for a non-conspiracy, non Rush voice from an alternative news source than Carlson just became that.

On the blue team, HuffingtonPost is countering with a video of Paul Ryan claiming only 70% of Americans want The American Dream. This is a clear tactic to divert the real story floating around, which is the Obama video.

It is not mutually exclusive either, Obama in one video is saying people deserve help from the government and Ryan is telling people that the Obama crowd is following his advice (without actually saying that).

As HuffPo points out, this is actually an old story about Obama but why spoil all the fun?

It is absolutely true that people are more than willing to accept help from the government. It’s an easy thing to do because everyone is doing it. We are stuck in a fictitious system where we devote our long days to a paper money system that will forever leave us scrambling paycheck-to-paycheck while plundering the earths natural resources.

The real story behind unemployment is that people simple don’t want to work slave jobs. The story behind the Obama video is that he is a complete fake. But let’s be honest, we already knew that.

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