Watching the debates tonight, I found myself rooting for Team Red. It’s hard to explain but similar to a child rooting for a specific team based on the jerseys or cheerleaders. The emotional trappings when watching the debates is too strong to work around, as much as either will be despised when in office.

This is when it is good to hear Gary Johnson chime in and tell us all not to be fooled. The 2-Party System and government in general seems doomed to fail. At this point even a tweet from a 3rd party is refreshing.

Gary Johnson Statement

We didn’t see a debate tonight. We saw two slightly differing versions of defending the Republican and Democrat status quo that has given us war after war after war, a $16 trillion debt, and a government that is the answer to everything.

Nowhere was there a real plan for reducing government, balancing the budget any time in the foreseeable future, or a path that will actually put Americans back to work.

We heard two politicians arguing over which of their plans for government-run health care is less bad. We heard fantasies about balancing the budget while not reducing Medicare costs.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are nibbling around the edges of the nation’s problems. We don’t have time to nibble — we need to devour them.

Americans deserve real debates and a voice who will actually tell the truth about what it will take to put this great nation back on track.

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