According to Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, dozens of HIV/AIDS patients in his African country have been cured through a blend of boiled herbs.

He first announced this is 2007 and was met with resistance from the Western medical community that warned of false hope. Yahya Jammeh now claims 68 patients have been cured and discharged from the treatment center.

It is not only herbs though that will perform this miracle. Patients must renounce alcohol, tea, coffee, theft and sex for the duration of their treatment. Have you ever heard of an aids patient robbing someone? In addition to the herbal cream and lifestyle changes, patients must stop taking anti-viral medication and pray to the Qur’an.

President Yahya Jammeh went on to say:

The objective of my medication is to get rid of the virus that the patients are infected with and I have made it very clear since the start of my treatment programme. Five years ago, the West were saying that it would take 25 years to get a cure for HIV/Aids but two years after I started the treatment, when we posted the results on the Internet, some people also claimed to have the cure for HIV/Aids and their medicines also eliminate the virus from the patients’ body. And today I have no doubt if I face any HIV/Aids patient in critical condition, I can assure you that by the grace of Almighty Allah he would walk and go about his business as normal.

Despite resistance and concern from the World Health Organization (WHO) Jammeh remains defiant and assertive about his remedy. The services are offered for free. Jammeh goes on to discuss who can be cured and who can’t:

Those who said that HIV/AIDS is not curable may be right because if you don’t know God and you believe that you descended from frog and you are not created by the Almighty Allah or you came to this world through evolution then you would not know that anything that happens in this world good or bad, Allah knows about it and has solutions about it. There is no disease that the Almighty Allah doesn’t know about and there is no disease without a cure.

He adds:

As far as HIV is concerned, nobody can claim to know everything about it. The more you treat HIV/AIDS, the more you learn about it. I am not talking about those so-called professors who sit in the laboratory and call themselves HIV/AIDS experts when they don’t know anything about HIV/Aids.

The plan is to implement holistic practices throughout hospitals around the country while still utilizes Western approaches to compliment them.

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