When Ron Paul mentioned the fact he would not vote for Romney or Obama in a recent interview, hopes rose that he would endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The frustration of the Johnson camp is understandable, as a Paul endorsement could have catapulted him to consideration to get into the debates and would have put a major spotlight on him. As it stands, an endorsement appears to not be happening even if Ron Paul does vote for him in November. Thus, any real chance for a third party lived and died with Ron Paul, which is a heavy responsibility that has lead to a major letdown for Independent’s looking for a candidate outside of the 2-party monopoly that actually has a chance to win.

Indeed, if Ron Paul did run as an Independent the odds of him getting into the debates were not bad. If 15% support by likely voters is the goal, then that was possible. If the debate commission rigged it to force him out, there would have been mayhem in the streets. That did not happen and instead there are a bunch of Ron Paul supporters who registered Republican to vote for him in the Primaries only to realize after the fact that they were seemingly tricked into doing so. This is not a guess, this is personal experience.

At the end of the day Ron Paul merely suggesting he will vote for Johnson, or implying it’s a possibility is refreshing. Rand Paul is poised to be a Senate leader for the Republican Party and as much as it pains some to hear, that is the consolation prize of the Ron Paul movement in the confines of government in action.

The hopes of Ron Paul passing the torch to someone outside of his bloodlines has proven to be naive. The fact that Johnson supporters have clung to the unlikely vocal support by Ron Paul shows that he has failed to create the momentum possible to really have a chance to get 5% of the vote, let alone 15%. This is not anyone’s fault this is how things are designed.

Johnson should be applauded for his fight towards ending the drug war, just as Ron Paul should be thanked for his work to end/audit the fed.

In the debates last week on economic policy, it was difficult to watch as Romney continuously talked about how America borrow’s money from China, while failing to mention how most of our money to support the wars comes from the printing press. A true conservative voice is missing.

At the end of the day, who Ron Paul supports for president in 2012 does not matter. It would have been nice if he ran as an Independent but it did not happen. It would have been nice if Johnson got into the debates but that did not and will not happen either. So who will win: Gary Johnson or the Ron Paul write-in movement?

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