The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has issued guidelines to follow to address transgendered students.

The TDSB poster (below) says “Positive Space 101″. This is what it says, with my thoughts:

Love has no gender
Ok, fair enough.

Launguage hurts. Statements such as “that’s so gay” are derogatory
Ok we can’t say that, whatever.

Gender is complex. Masculine and feminine are labels, not definitions
A male has a penis and a female has a vagina. Women have babies, men impregnate women. These are fairly standard definitions, so it does not seem very complex.

Unwanted touching, sexist jokes, spreading rumours or name calling are not ok
Yeah, that makes sense.

Be sensitive, not everyone is straight
Ok but most people are. Is this something we need to teach our kids in public schools? Or is this conditioning students to accept and make boys more feminine and women more masculine? Why does all of this correlate with decreased fertility rates and hormonal driven meat we eat? Is this all a coincidence or is there an agenda behind this?

Take action. Speak out and speak up against sexist, homophobic, transphobic and heterosexist behavior
Wow, do kids even know what these words mean? They do now, apparently. I’ve never written or spoken “transphobic” and “heterosexist” until now. Mission accomplished, eh Toronto school board? Education or conditioning: you decide.

Question your assumptions
No, question what you are taught in school. They want to make you a productive cog in this crazy system that is doing nothing but destroy families, destroy the planet and destroy even a hint of normalcy. The entertainment industry has made sure nothing shocks us anymore, between violent video games, Madonna kisses and everything in-between kids these days don’t stand a chance.

Ok, kids, if you are properly indoctrinated you can advance to the next grade. Thank you and teach others this nonsense in the name of progress.