Former officer in the British Army and drone operator, James Jeffrey, is speaking out against the use of drones.

In 2009 he helped guide drones flying over the Helmand Province where he made the decisions when it was proper to engage the enemy. He calls the process of drone strikes as “dehumanizing” the enemy to a degree never seen before. He does not consider this to be a good thing.

One particular strike he discusses from a fighter jet left several civilians dead.

The ease of which you can kill through drone strikes in video game format is, especially when comparing to video games played by kids all around America, is especially disturbing. Add to that recent reports that violent video games make some girls and boys more aggressive and ripe with mental illnesses and it becomes a breeding ground for the morally deprived.

According to Lead Researcher Professor Teena Willoughby:

It is clear that there is a long-term association between violent video games and aggression. This is an important and concerning finding, particularly in light of the hours that youth spend playing these games.

Video games have a tremendous impact mentally for anyone who has spent hours upon hours playing them, which is most kids and young adults. Even during sleep, if you’ve played a game consistently, you will dream about it and wake up with the button control being played out in your mind. The transition from gaming to reality seems like a logical next step for the kid who has been training his entire life.

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