Crazy mainstream theories have shaped United States policies for years. To stop them we must all become ‘truthers’ and spread the word of sanity, even if it makes us ‘conspiracy theorists’. When a mainstream theory shapes public opinion and law without basis of fact, the end result is suffering by the citizens. Let’s examine mainstream theories that have been adopted by the media and plugged into an ignorant or powerless American public.

1. There is a Terrorist in my Closet

Modern day politics and policies has lead the sheep into a quiet panic about people who want to terrorize people in the US. The problem with Pearl Harbor for the Military Industrial Complex is that it was an actual country. This meant that once Japan was defeated, the troops came home until they found another war. You could say for them it was easy to go in buck staying was harder.

The war on terror is more of a slow burn in resources, patience, liberty and life. It encompasses the enemy abroad and now citizens without the United States. As a result we have not only spent trillions fighting a war without end but we’ve become afraid of Americans too who may want to kill or do harm because of our government, which is seen as and act of war rather that yelling fire at a movie theater or just doing something bad because your crazy. Despite very few ‘acts of war’ within the border the US Government has used 9-11, a failed underwear bomber and other incidents as a power grab. The Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are the fruits from the “there is a terrorist in my closet” conspiracy theory along  with a massive debt.

2. People who Smoke or Sell Marijuana Criminal

Marijuana is the most obvious blacklisted natural drug around that should be legalized. Books have been written about potential benefits of different natural (from earth) drugs but weed is the most obvious. It is not physically addictive like caffeine and alcohol so the criminality of weed is morally absurd. No facts or studies to date have proven otherwise. The idea that it is a gateway drug is the salt thrown on every argument against weed. Kids here this growing so when they find out it actually pretty cool the claims that other drugs are bad too. There are good people, ignorant to the real facts that put weed at the same level as hard drugs, thus discrediting them completely. At the same time, potheads begin to resent cops–who are also mostly good people–because cops can and do arrest them for a variety of marijuana-related laws.

Because it is illegal, marijuana distribution is handled by both good and bad characters. Some people are always jumping from illegal venture to another, so selling weed is natural in the sense.  To top it off, US policies have caused great death and criminality throughout the world both directly and indirectly.

Despite this, most politicians and the mainstream media won’t acknowledge it should be legalized. America seems split 50/50 on the issue.  While weed in moderation can be a good them for some, excess in anything can be bad. So while it can be abused by some people help promote lazy people to be lazy, former Presidents have smoked and cultivated marijuana.

Thomas Jefferson  said, ”Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”

George Washington said, “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”

Those two quotes alone should settle the argument.

3. We can Save the Planet

If the planet (and her ecosystems) is dying the only way it will survive is by saving itself. Our culture creates massive amounts of waste       and hides it so it can only be smelled or seen while driving on a highway at 70 mph for about a minute. So called environmentalists spend a few days camping and think they’ve connected with reality, when the reality is that none of us live with our trash, so we are all guilty of living in the modern era of consumerism. There are many good people trying to ease the blow to planet earth but most of the good has been clouded by politics and money, leading to the bad guys profiting from good people. At the same time folks are feeling guilty about being human and enjoying human luxuries (such as meat).

There are many wasteful elements in our world but people should focus on themselves first. After that move onto the community instead of thinking a vote for anything or anybody will actual help solve earths problems.

These mainstream theories are far more dangerous than any conspiracy theories I’ve heard.